What sort of things sell?

Household Furniture

Furniture from anywhere around your home can be sold . Dining tables and chairs, clocks, lamps, sofas, mirrors, desks, shelving units, chest of drawers and wardrobes to name just a few. Brands such as John Lewis, Ikea, Ercol, Parker Knoll,  Habitat & Heals sell well. 

Also retro and modernist furniture - especially 1950s/60s /70s - including G-Plan, Scandinavian and Danish furniture is particulary in vogue at the moment.

What helps them sell: Condition is everything and will help achieve the best selling prices. Providing as much information will also help give the best description possible and give a personal touch to the listings.

Any Brochures, instructions, guarantees or receipts are also helpful.

Designer clothes, Handbags, Shoes & Accessories

Designer and well known brands for ladies & men clothing sell well . Brands that do well include Ralph Lauren, Prada, Michael Kors, Kipling, Radley London, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Christian Loubotin, Prada and Hermes to name just a few. 

Please note these must be authentic we do not sell fake/replica designer goods.

What helps them sell: Clothes must be in either excellent clean or new condition. We also try and sell clothes that are revelant to the seasons with current trends and fashions in mind.  If they still have price tags and labels in place all the better. Shoes with dustbags, and boxes will also help achieve higher prices. Designer bags, if you have receipts or any original paperwork associated this can also be very helpful to authenticate them .

Consumer Electronics

This covers a wide variety of items such as televisions, headphones,  hi-tech specialist equipment and stereo systems. Vintage hi-fi equipment from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s can also be quite valuable. Childrens games consoles and handheld games in particular vintage/retro gaming from the 1970s & 1980s such as Nintendo, Game & Watch, Sega & Sony and the associated games and accessories that go with them. Vintage cameras & lenses , DAB radios & laptops.

What helps them sell: Items must be in good clean working order and presented well for sale, boxes , instruction manuals and of course the all important polystyrene packaging. Yes - really. !! 

For laptops and any devices that hold any personal information please ensure any memory of confidential information is cleared prior to selling.


Antiques, Ceramics, Ephemera, Antiquarian Books, & Collectables

Antique furniture, mirrors, sewing machines, vintage typewriters, porcelain , household items and quirky items. We have in the past sold items that have appeared as props on TV so you never know where your items can end up !

Antiquarian books and 1st editions including some vintage paperbacks. Collectable and rare first editions from authors such as Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, JK Rowling and Ian Fleming are always in demand. 

Retro and kitsch items are very on trend and covers almost anything from the 1920's through to the 1980's. 

Branded china and glass such as Lladro, Royal Albert, Denby, Royal Worcester, Swarovski crystal, Baccarat glass . Also art studio pottery & Sterling hallmarked silver.

What helps them sell: Condition will always achieve the best prices, History and stories behind the items will help with listings and give a personal touch, certificates of authentication and original boxes. Books with dustjackets and or signed by the author. 

Sporting goods and Equipment

Mens, womens and girls bicycles including vintage models. Equestrian gear, ski gear & equipment, golf clubs  & home gym equipment.

Vintage sporting goods such as table tennis bats and presentation cricket balls. Sports memorabilia.

What helps them sell: Condition, well known brands. Manuals, booklets and history behind the items. Any original packaging. Any relevant history or story behind the items, certificates of authentication and original boxes, can all help maximise the price achieved.


Vintage pocket watches and wrist watches are particularly popular and of course gold and other precious metals such as Platinum and Silver are very desirable especially, necklaces, rings and bracelets. 

What helps them sell: Brands. Brands. Brands! yes it sounds obvious but good brands will always sell. So anything from Patek Phillipe, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Dior, Rolex, Garrard, Chanel, Raymond Weil, Gucci and Tiffany (An Auction fairies personal favourite!) to name just a few. And if you have the original box and packaging. Proof of Age and any authentication documentation and receipts and original boxes will help maximise the price achieved .

All items must be authentic we do not sell fake replica goods.


Architectural Salvage

This can include a vast aray of items from old fireplaces, garden sculptures and ornaments. What you may consider putting on a skip may in fact have a value and many people are looking for those unique pieces to fill their homes and gardens with. 

What helps them sell:  This is one area where condition is not everything what people are looking for is character and charm often enough. Items that maybe perfect for an upcycling or restoration project.

The fairies like to see the beauty in everything .


Anything Else!

Yes and anything else! The list of different items we sell is huge so it's  hard to cover everything. We have a keen eye on selecting items to sell and from 15 years Ebay selling experience it can be those unique and unusal rare pieces that people are looking to buy and fill their homes with. We have even had items sell and end up on on the tv are props so you never know where your stuff can end up, perhaps in the latest blockbuster movie ! 

Maybe you are a business that has unwanted stock to sell, or a business closing down we can help.

Do you have a collection you wish to sell off or downsize, we can help .

If in doubt just ask and the fairies we will be more than happy to advise on how best to sell your treasures. We take great enjoyment from finding new homes so items can be loved and appreciated once more. After all we are fairies! 


Vintage Toys, Dolls, Bears & Lego

Vintage toys can be highly collectable and can achieve great prices we have had great sucess in this area over the years especially with attic finds . Vintage Barbie, Sindy, Pippa dolls , old teddy bears, Meccano, Action Man, Star Wars toys, vintage arcade Nintendo game and watch games the list goes on. Boxed and in mint condition will always achieve the highest prices . Even modern collections of Lego can be great sellers especially discontinued sets in mint boxed condition such as Harry Potter and Star Wars can achieve great prices.  


What do you charge for this service?

Auction Fairies does not charge to come and appraise or collect your items, researching , listing & storing your items, nor do we pass on any Ebay or Paypal fees. It's simple! You get 50% of the final selling price this is how the fairies earn their commission so it is in our interests to get the best price possible for your items. We take care of all the Ebay & Paypal fees (10% - 15%)and even take care of any required posting and packing costs. 

We will provide a professional personal service with that magic touch! 

We can also offer flat/house/office clearance services with that personal friendly touch and will tailor to your needs and requirements. We also work closely with local home organising businesses so do get in touch if you would like us to recommend their services.

What other fees are involved?

At the current time they are no additional fees , no gimmicks just straight forward 50/50 split down the middle , let us worry about all the other costs ! It's like making money for nothing ! It's a win win ! Rehome, recycle giving items a second chance and home. 

What have you got to loose ! (except clutter of course)


Can I set my price?

Yes of course it's always a good idea to let the fairies know what your expectations are and what you would like to achieve for your items. This will give the fairies an idea of what you hope to achieve and we can discuss if this will be realistic to achieve at auction or by using the buy it now option with offers inviations.

In our 15 years+ of selling we have a good idea of how much we will be able to get for your items as we have sold a huge variety of items over the years. 




The Selling Process

How does Auction Fairies sell my items?

We have a very simple process so that you always know what is happening every step of the way. 

  • Once we have agreed on the items you wish to sell we will take away smaller or easily removeable items to our place of business. Larger items of furniture, kitchens or fixtures will be photographed and measured in your home or office and collected or removed once the auction has ended. This keeps costs to you down and unlike many Auction Houses which will charge for collection or storage of larger pieces.
  • We will then research and compose a professional description using our expertise and experience for each item. We will advise on how best your item should be priced and whether it should be an auction or buy it now listing & inviting offers from potentional buyers . This is based by resarching similar items that have sold well through Ebay in the past 90 days and also on our experience and market trends. 
  • We will present the items as thoughtfully and honest as possible and take as many photographs as necessary in a manner which will highight the magical features of your items and thus will achieve a good sold price,
  • We will answer any potential bidder's questions during the auction period.
  • Once the ebay listing has ended we will communicate with the successful buyer. We will be busy working our magic to collect payments .
  • Pack and ship the items carefully and where necessary take out extra insurance for shipping delicate and valuable items. Liase with the buyer/s and yourselves a convenient time for any large item removals or collections.
  • Handle any queries , complaints or returns (14 day returns policy required ) .
  • We will use social media in order to promote and market the items we are selling . We have a great following on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest. If you use these you can also spread the word by 'liking' and sharing our pages or Retweeting . 

What happens if my items do not sell?

If your item/s do not sell first time around we can relist if we think it will result in a succesful sale. In our experience we find that items will usually sell second time around even if sometimes it means reducing the price or making small changes to the description or listing category. Online auction website's can be unpredictable and some items can take longer to sell than others but we will do our best and will use social media to help promote the items we are selling and thus improve traffic to your listings .  If you decide not to re-list you may wish to take the items back or donate your item/s to a charity we can put you in touch with local charities that can help, or of course donate them on your behalf.

Can I watch my listings ?

Yes indeed! You can use this link which will take you direct to your Ebay store or you can click the link button from the main website page, here you will see all the live listings . Alternatively if you already have an Ebay account you can find and follow us under the username "auctionfairiesuk".  


When Will I Get Paid?

Usually around a month after the sucessful sale or in some cases sooner. We will even send you a summary of all your sales. By law we are obliged to offer a 30 day returns policy on all online purchases so we usually have to wait until this time has passed. 

Most auctions run by or 10 day listings and we usually schedule most of our listings to end on a Sunday evening or Bank Holiday.  Buy it now listings usually run for 30 days but can end at any point with a sucessful sale. Once the items have been paid for and received by the buyer and we are confident they are happy with their purchase, we will then pay your share direct into your bank account, by Paypal or send you a cheque. Of course occasionally there are delays when payment is received or when large furniture items are being collected we will keep you updated should there be any delays.

Areas We Cover

What Areas do you cover?

We are a local company based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. We cover a wide area including Chorleywood, Loudwater, Sarratt, Beaconsfield, Berkhamsted, Gerrards Cross, Amersham, Chesham, Northwood, Pinner, Harrow, Ruislip, Iver, Uxbridge, Twickenham , Richmond, Teddington, Chiswick, Fulham, to name just a few and we also cover parts of London and are willing to travel if the project is sizeable enought. If in doubt just ask. We can also offer a drop off service by prior arrangement or you can always ship stuff to us .

Valuing my stuff

How do you decide on how to price things

Each item is special and the variety of what we sell is huge. We use a combination of our 15 years ebay selling experience and what similar items have sold for in the past 90 days. We keep an eye on trends and what is currently selling well . We decide on the best option possible to maximise the potential of your items whether it an auction style format which is ideal for collectables or a buy it now option for clothes , shoes and handbags. Simply our aim is to make as much as we can for you & your items and this is always at the heart of what we do & of course finding new homes for your once loved stuff . Happy clients = Happy fairies 

Can we drop or ship stuff off to you

What if we not local can you still help

If we can't get to you can always drop stuff off to us ,  or you can ship stuff to us as another option. During busy periods it is not always possible for us to get round to everyone so this can be another option . 

What Don't You Sell

What don't you sell

There are items we are unable to sell, this included some of the following items.

Pianos, Wedding Dresses, CD's, vinyl records, modern books,weapons, fake or replica goods, real fur, items of low resale value (under £10) , soiled dirty items, food and drink items. Sadly we can't sell everything  but what do is select the best items that have the best chance of selling and getting a good price for you. If you are unsure just ask

What others have said...
"I am delighted to have discovered Debbie at Auction Fairies. She has done a wonderful job of selling items (large and small) that I no longer have room to store but others may want to buy and has taken all of the hard work out of doing this myself, including photographing the items properly for sale and liaising with buyers on my behalf in a really professional and friendly way. I would highly recommend her and will continue to use her services in the future." L Crawford, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire

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